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Each NorthStar client receives up to 30 hours per week of individualized care, in addition to group activities, ensuring that each individuals needs are met. LEARN MORE
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Our methods are research-based and proven to be effective.
Our evidence-based approach to addiction treatment utilizes Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.
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We don’t just treat addiction, we change lives.
Through utilizing evidence-based practices, focusing on building a lasting rapport with our clients and helping to position them on the road to a life they love, our clients have the best possible opportunity at long-term recovery.

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NorthStar Transitions is a young adult extended care substance abuse treatment and sober living program for men and women 18-35 years old serving the Boulder and Denver Colorado communities. What differentiates NorthStar from other extended care substance abuse treatment and sober living programs is the highly individualized approach NorthStar Transitions takes to alcohol and drug rehabilitation. While most drug treatment and sober living programs will focus exclusively on group activities, group therapy and the twelve steps, we mold our program to fit the needs of each individual client, creating an individualized pathway to recovery that works for them.

While the twelve steps are certainly a useful tool in our toolbox, they are not our only tool. NorthStar utilizes an evidence-based approach to substance abuse treatment with our main tools being Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Through utilizing Motivational Interviewing, we invite our clients to begin thinking about what they want their recovery to look like and, in conjunction with them, we invite them down the path of recovery. This innovative, invitational approach to recovery is much more effective for many clients than the traditional twelve step only approach to sober living.

Because we are a sober living program serving adults, we allow our clients a great deal of freedom while they are in our program. Rather than implement arbitrary rules and curfews that drive client activities under ground, we give our clients the freedom to make mistakes while they are enrolled in our program, much as they will when they are done with substance abuse treatment. We use these mistakes as an opportunity to talk to our clients in real-time about making better decisions going forward. Because we do not have sanctions and arbitrary rules, our clients feel safe talking openly and honestly with us about the challenges they are facing and we are better able to treat our clients as a result.

Research has demonstrated time and time again that longer episodes of drug and alcohol treatment lead to better outcomes. The notion that treating the chronic condition of drug and alcohol dependence with 28 days of drug rehab has been refuted in countless studies. The NorthStar approach to sober living, utilizing this evidence, gives clients an intensive and individualized 9 month course of alcohol and drug treatment that will give clients the best possible opportunity at achieving long-term recovery from substance dependence. While clients are not committed to remaining at NorthStar for the entire 9 month continuum, it is highly recommended to achieve the best possible outcome.

At NorthStar Transitions we realize that each client is unique and presents with their own individual needs. We are proud to be able to tailor our approach to each client addressing their individual substance abuse issues, family issues and logistical needs. Whatever the needs of the client and the family, we have the resources, skill and experience to get it done.

In addition to our transitional sober living program, NorthStar also offers a variety of ancillary therapeutic services. These include: treatment escorting, therapeutic placement consulting, drug and alcohol monitoring, interventions, therapy, sober living apartments in Boulder, and live-in sober companions.

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NorthStar Transitions Boulder drug and alcohol treatment center and sober living program . Clients enrolled in the transitional living program live in NorthStar’s Boulder sober living homes for a minimum of 90 days where they share the home with roommates who are also enrolled in the transitional living program. While living in the NorthStar Boulder sober living home, clients meet with a Case Manager who comes up with a custom, individually tailored transition plan for each client during their time at the sober living home.

The Case Manager then meets with the client in the community 3 hours per day 2 days per week implementing the goals and objectives outlined on the transition plan. Additionally, clients participate in group therapy up to 30 hours per week.

Examples of goals outlined in the Boulder sober living transition plan are: sober living skills, relapse prevention skills, building a new positive peer support network, vocational and academic goals, fitness goals, personal hygiene, organizational skills, financial skills, compliance with court orders or probation etc. In addition to one-on-one meetings with the Case Manager, clients are provided with one hour per week of individual therapy, access to group activities such as snowboarding, hiking, AA meetings, Crossfit etc. and random comprehensive drug and alcohol testing. Client families are provided with 1 hour per week of family therapy as well. Clients are expected to have a job or be in school while enrolled in the Boulder sober living program and are expected to continue at work or in school for the duration of their time at NorthStar.

 After the initial 90 days of alcohol and drug rehab at NorthStar clients will move to Phase 2 where they live in their own housing, which NorthStar helps them to secure. While in Phase 2 clients continue to meet with their Case Manager once per week, receive weekly individual therapy sessions and continue to be monitored for drugs and alcohol. Clients have full access to group activities while in Phase 2. Clients typically remain enrolled in phase 2 for 3-6 months.

At the completion of the NorthStar transitional living addiction treatment program, clients should be stable in their recovery, well established at work, school and in the community and be prepared to thrive on their own as young adults starting out in their lives.

Innovative Approach.  Individualized Care. Evidence-Based Practices. Better Outcomes.
“When I enrolled in the NorthStar program I was on the verge of being expelled from college due to my substance abuse. I was on and off of academic probation and had been arrested several times on drug and alcohol related charges.

After attending a wilderness treatment program I decided to go to NorthStar Transitions for aftercare for a fresh start (I am from New York). I really enjoyed all of the fun activities I did with my life skills counselor and activities with Phoenix Multisport. Now I am back in college, attending AA meetings and recently made the Dean’s List. I credit NorthStar’s individualized program for helping me to get where I am today.”

Jeff Scarsdale, New York
“We were referred to NorthStar Transitions for our daughters aftercare while she attended treatment in Arizona. Being that our daughter was “on the fence” about staying sober after completing treatment, we had NorthStar fly to Arizona to pick our daughter up from treatment and support her in her transition to aftercare in Colorado.

After initially staying in one of NorthStar’s apartments, our daughter’s life skills counselor helped her to find an apartment and a full-time job as a barista. Our daughter has found a new group of friends in Narcotics Anonymous and Phoenix Multisport.

Today, our daughter continues to work full-time and has over 6 months sober. Through our phone conferences with her therapist our communication has improved quite a bit and we are looking forward to coming out to Boulder soon to visit her. We are so glad we were referred to NorthStar Transitions. The NorthStar program was a perfect fit for our daughter who was hesitant to attend a residential program.

Pam & Charles New Canaan, Conneticut